Discover NFT's in Your Neighborhood
Over the pandemic, we developed a relationship to tech and relied upon our digital identities for most social interaction. We're coming back into the physical world with this connection cemented.
As we emerge from these digital domains and begin to interact with the world around us, what will the relationship between digital and physical look like? With augmented reality, these two worlds merge.
Concerts, community events, art walks, festivals, airdrops, and more, Illust Space gives you the ability to merge your digital activities with the world at large. Here’s a couple aspects to the AR Map:
  • Geofence: tie your NFT’s to specific area, accessible to those with specific GPS Coordinates.
  • Dynamic Links: provides the ability to “claim” objects on the map once discovered.
  • Guestbook & Social Sharing: provoke commentary in the community from those experiencing your art. Share your experiences with your friends in real time.
Brian Ziff's "Innerbloom" being discovered
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