Create a Wallet

How Do I Set Up My Wallet?

The first step in participating with Illust Space is to sign up with your wallet. If you do not already have a wallet set up, you can set one up through Torus, a 3rd party encrypted and distributed wallet provider service.
  • Torus
  • 3rd Party Provider (Metamask)
  • Wallet Key
A Crypto Wallet is essentially a digital safe. It can store many things from cryptocurrencies, to identity information, and other valuables. The augmented reality art you purchase will be safely stored in your wallet. It is crucial that you never share your private key information with anyone. This would be akin to freely sharing your social security number on the internet. To set up your wallet simply go to where we offer three convenient options. If you do not have a wallet you can easily create one in our account set up page through Taurus. Taurus is able to generate a link through an Oauth service of your choice such as Gmail or Facebook. Your wallet information will stored with the provider you chose, so please do not use a shared account.If you already have a wallet provider mobile app or desktop browser extension installed, it will automatically be recognized by our system. You may also connect with a private key. No keys ever leave the client machine. Once you’ve created or linked a wallet, you will be brought into the Account Profile Set Up Page.
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