Artist Royalties & Commissions

Primary Market

Artists receive a flat 80% for minted artworks on the Illust Space platform. The other 20% goes to Illust Space in the form of paying for the entire maps platform, collaboration visibility, team, and the ongoing costs to run the business.
If artists would like to work with the Illust Space production team on exhibitions, new works of art, or creative asset generation, a separate assessment will be made on a project by project basis.
MF DOOM's Sludge Mask, a collaboration with Illust Space's Production team.

Secondary Market

Artists have the ability to select how much they would like to receive every time a work of art is sold in the secondary market. Artists generally select between 10% - 20% of the total resale price.
For collectors selling works in the secondary market, artists receive a % of the total sale price (which is defined on the individual lot page).
Illust Space takes a 5% flat commission on all secondary market sales.